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Brixton was an impulse adoption.  My wife and I were on our way into Whole Foods on Montana for a few groceries when we met him at the adoption fair on the lawn across the street.  My wife fell in love with him immediately.  He was an extremely handsome puppy, very gentle, and immediately full of love.  I wasn’t as convinced as her.  I actually wanted a cat to replace the one that had recently passed away.  On the ride home, I firmly decided that he would go back the next morning.  By the next morning I was completely in love with him myself!

Brixton is ¾ Miniature Pincher, ¼ Jack Russell Terrier.  When I got home, I looked up the breeds on the internet.  What I read over and over was: “very smart but not for the novice” (such as myself).  I was a bit worried, but I realized that all of the reasons for the warning are reasons why I love him the most.  He is extremely vigorous, fearlessly animated , protective, curious, proud, and somewhat bossy.  He is also a total love bug.  He loves to be held and to melt into me.  I take him to  work with me daily, where he sits on my desk and protects me from any and all perceived dangers!  He comes to the dog park regularly, where he maintains strict order among all the dogs, particularly the larger ones.  He regularly greets each dog who enters with a barrage of barks- to let them know that he is the supreme boss of the park.  Brixton will walk endlessly throughout Santa Monica canyon, sleep voraciously and eat anything he can find. He loves to be around kids.  He is a very proud, loving, protective dog.  We think he is completely perfect.