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Cella The Weiner Dog

Cella the Weiner Dog


My name is Cella and I am seven (7) years old.  Don't let my size fool you, I am not your typical dachshund.  I am an only child which means I get more attention than I want.  My life is a bowl of cherries all day everyday.

 Both of my moms work from home so they are here to serve my every need.  After I decide to get out of my cozy bed and eat my raw food, we go on a daily three (3) mile walk/run.  My moms say that I drive them nuts and they can't work if I don't release my energy.  

 I spend as much time as I can protecting the world from squirrels.  I HATE them!  I have never caught one but they never stay in the yard long either.  The other thing I love to do is swim.  Water never intimidated me much.  My favorite place is the greenbelt.  We hike down the Hill of Life and down to the water to where the boulders are in the water.  Nothing makes me happier than to run like a crazy dog on the rocks and an occasional dive and swim. I make all the bystanders watch and smile. 

I am also super excited about my new red/black collar. This is just the aggressive color that I will need to show all the squirrels who actually is in charge.

There were quite a few collars for my mom to choose for me. I am quite confident that any and all collars will do the trick!