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Mr. B

Mr. B


We designed a collar and leash especially for Mr. B. After hearing his story and seeing how cute it was we decided to put it in the collection and call it Mr. B. ... coming soon to the Bandana Collection.

We are so proud to have him as one of our ambassadors.

This is Mr. B's story from his owners.

Mr. B is a three year old Australian Cattle Dog. We adopted him a year and a half ago. He has progressive retinal atrophy and may have been blind since birth, but don't tell him! Mr. B. has lots of confidence and loves to jog, hike, take road trips up the coast, and stay in hotels. His favorite sport is nose detection work and he;s just starting to compete at nosework trials. His second favorite sport is eating and he will do just about anything for a treat. Mr. B jumps on furniture, and tries to chase squirrels and like to fetch, even though he can't see. He is one of the sweetest most loving dogs we've knows. Mr. B loves to cuddle and his best friend is his border collie sister Bug.