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Beatrice and Rocky

Beatrice and Rocky

Meat Beatrice and Rocky our new ambassadors.

Beatrice is the name but the family calls me wiggle butt. I am your typical spoiled stubborn English Bulldog. I am almost two and have been with the family since I was eleven weeks old. I love it when mom pulls me around in my wagon. My all time favorite place is the lake. My brother Rocky and I play wrestle daily. I also enjoy playing fetch, but like to play keep away. I am the very pretty Brindle and White female in the pictures. I can't be missed. 

Rocky is the name but the family calls me Rockman mostly. I am a three year old English Bulldog. adopted only a short eight months ago by the best family a dog could ask for . I was born with a birth defect spinal bifida, but I don't let that slow me down. My all time favorite thing is riding shot gun in my mom's car. I absolutely love my car rides. Balls love them any size will do. I also enjoy taking short walks and playing tug and take away with my English Bulldog sister Beatrice. I am a very sweet Bully who loves to cuddle. I am the very handsome tan and white dude with the frisbee in my mouth.