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Our Collections

Our Collections

Each collection is specifically themed. Below is a little backstory to all of our collections and the beloved dog who inspired them. 

The BAMBAM Collection

Peace, love and paws-itive vibes.

The BAMBAM collection was designed and named after Instagram celebrity, @goldenboybam. Bam and his momager Sami go everywhere together, hence why she wanted the BAMdana style to match her own. From everyday denim to hang ten patterns, these pieces will make you and your pup stand out in a crowd. Peace, love and paws-itive vibes.


Bohemian spirited collars with a touch of California lifestyle


The Bandana Collection was designed and named after my son’s Blue Heeler, Bandana. Born in Luling, Texas, she spent many years there but is now a California girl. True to California spirit, Bandana is active, adventurous, and loves being by the beach. Her collars certainly fit her personality and style;  she often enjoys donning her Rasta collars to make a statement. And when she is feeling particularly sophisticated, she sports a mid century designed collar like the MC Blue Waves. 

The Honey Collection

Alluring collars inspired by the colorful and intricate Batik artistry of the South Pacific


The Honey Collection is designed and named after Honey, one of our family Labradors. She is Tex’s sister and the daughter of Sweet Pea. Honey is very pretty and very sweet, and she travels with Tex on the dog show circuit. Her favorite thing to do is lounging in the sun and playing with her friends in the park. Her collars were designed to match her essence: beautiful, cultural, and eye-catching. 

The Juan Carlos Collection 

An eclectic and playful jet setter collar collection full of panache


The Juan Carlos Collection was designed and named after Juan Carlos IV, my daughter’s Boston Terrier. Juan has traveled the world and lived many places. He has endured winters in Philadelphia, and a summer in the sweltering humid heat of North Carolina. He now resides in Austin, Texas, and enjoys a more casual lifestyle. He is very flamboyant and playful, and he loves attention and certainly demands it.  He never leaves the house without a flashy or sporty collar. One of his favorites when on a road trip is the Fire Bird Collar.  At the beach he looks very sporty in his Yacht Club collar.  With his flashy collar collection he is seldom missed and always attracts a lot of attention.

The Rose Collection

 Floral, feminine, and fancy collars for your elegant lady


The Rose Collection was designed and named after Rosemarie, the matriarch of our Labrador Clan. She is the mother of eight and lives with us in Southern California with her grand kids, Honey and Tex.  In her youthful days, she was quite lively,  but now enjoys caring and watching after the younger pups. A lot of her day, when not patrolling the kitchen for food, is spent enjoying the weather and lounging.  She has always been very classy and sophisticated, so when choosing collars she likes a Vintage Floral Design, fitting for the lovely lady that she is. Since her Kennel Name is Yellow Rose of Texas, she is careful to select collars of Rose or Floral design to fit her style and personality.

The Tex Collection

An adventurous and bold ensemble of southwestern designs and flair


The Tex collection was designed and named after Tex, our family Labrador who lives with us in Southern Cal. He is a big yellow Labrador, the son of Sweet Pea, and has lived with us since the first day he was born. His name came about after week one when he was referred to as“Big Tex”. He has traveled to many states on the Dog Show Circuit but his favorite state next to home is Texas.  He is energetic playful, brave, and big. He loves running on the range and chasing squirrels in the park.  When he is in the Southwest he is often seen with his Southwestern collars.  He often wears camouflage to fit in with his Texas Lab friends but is not a hunter at heart. He is very patriotic and always wears his Stars and Stripes on special holidays. 

The Stella Stripe Collection

A vibrant variety of colorful and classy striped collars designs

The Stella Strip Collection was designed and named after Stella, Sweet Pea’s roommate and constant companion. Stella is a brown Hound Dog and was rescued off the side of the highway in Virginia. She was adopted and moved to Arlington, Virginia across the river from DC. In an effort to fit into the preppy lifestyle of the area she started wearing conservative stripe collars . Stella is a beautiful girl and very graceful and long. She has a very deep bark and loves to sit on the front porch and watch the world go by.  When feeling like she wants to fit into the Austin scene she stays with her stripes but goes with neon colors and lights up the night.

The Sweet Pea Collection

A standout assortment of lovely, lively, and trendy desings

The Sweet Pea collection was designed after my daughter’s beautiful yellow lab, Sweet Pea. She was named after my late mother's favorite flower, the Sweet Pea. She was born in the Los Angeles, and moved to Austin, Texas with my daughter when she was about six months old. From Austin she moved to Washington DC and lived in Georgetown and Dupont Circle. She now resides in Austin, Texas. Sweet Pea is a mother to 8 labradors. She is sweet, playful, athletic and always wants to be on the go.  She loves flowers, dressing for the holidays and going out to dinner. Whatever the occasion, she has a collar fit for the event,  and has been known to change several times a day, depending on her mood.  From Flowers to Beach Scenes to the Holiday’s finest, she is always the best Collared girl in town. 



The Juan in a Million Holiday Collection

One of a kind and very fashion-forward holiday collars perfect for making a statement

The Juan in a Million Collection was designed and named after Juan Carlos the IV, my daughter’s Boston Terrier. Different from the Juan Carlos Collection, these collars are designed for that special occasion and not to be worn for everyday wear. Juan likes to showcase himself at parties and often can be seen wearing collars with added Metalics or Sparkles when guests arrive. When out on the town for a very fancy evening he wears his Jeweled Collar on Black Velvet.