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Bill is a 4 year old Male Bull Terrier who is the most loving and wonderful dog you could ever ask for. BIll is like my shadow, wherever I go Bill follows. In September 2015 I received a call asking if I would want a Bull Terrier someone did not want anymore. Well I had a special place in my heart for the breed because I had just lost my Bull Terrier a few months prior. We set up a time for me to pick him up. After a 2 hour drive I arrived not knowing what to expect.

They had Bill at the gate waiting for me. Poor Bill had been tied up to a tree behind someone's home for some time. I called a vet on my way back to Austin and we went straight to the vet's office. Bill was covered in fleas, had a massive ear infection and was missing a lot of hair all over his body. We also learned that Bill has Heart Worms which we will be treating in the next few months. 

After we got BIll home and settled in we learned that Mr. BIll was not only crate trained but he also knew how to sit and shake. If you know anything about Bull Terriers they are no easy task to teach!! Bill is now the most spoiled house dog and has three other doggie friends that he shares a home with. After all Bill has gone through he is still the most loving Dog you could ever ask for.

Doesn't he look handsome in his Collar Me Crazee collar.